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FR Financial is a financial consulting firm specializing in providing Financial Services - Investments & Benefits to employees who work for public schools and non-profit organizations, as well as to businesses and individuals.

FR Financial operates as an independent provider of Financial Services. We are not "captive" by any one company or one product. This autonomy allows us to act in an objective capacity. We also have the ability to "shop around "for the most competitive products and the most attractive investment opportunities. Many of our investment opportunities provide a principle guarantee investments*.

Note: Some concepts and ancillary programs described in this website are not available through Financial Network Investment Corporation. They are only available exclusively through the FR-Financial represented on this website.

Moti Gur is a Registered Representative with and securities offered through Financial Network Investment Corp and Cetera Adviser Networks LLC.
A registered broker/dealer, Investment advisor and member FINRA/ SIPC
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Employee Group Benefits

Fr-Financial flyerFR-Financial is a diversified full service employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized service and objective advice.

FR-Financial’s goal is not to meet expectations but to exceed them in ways our clients have never experienced before. We strive to develop innovative and creative solutions to meet the demands of an ever changing and increasingly complex environment around employee benefits.

What do great employees look for in a potential company? What percentage of your employees are hired through referrals? A great Employee Benefits Plan can affect whom you attract for new jobs and how long you retain those worthy employees.

At FR-Financial, we help you find a perfect fit for the size of your company. We work for companies with 3 or more employees

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Dear Educators, friends and public school employees,

This is important to know

In a quest from the IRS to keep a tighter record keeping, monitoring and overall more control on our investment plans, especially Pre-Tax retirement plans like the 403(B) and 457(b) the IRS asked the employers to bring third party plan administrators to overlook, and monitor. The Plan Administrator need to approve and sign the Loan requests and or transfer requests.

The IRS asked the companies to comply with their new record keeping requirements, other monitoring requirements. Some ninety percent of the companies did not comply and no longer on the “Approved Vender” list.

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Learn About:

Retirement Planning

The Importance of Retirement Planning Work during your retirement, should be because you choose to work, not because you have to work.
The quality of your life during your retirement years in the future depends on what you contribute in the present.

You likely want to retire happily and comfortably with personal and financial peace of mind. The last thing your retirement should be is stressful for you or your family. Therefore, it is important to prepare a retirement plan today.
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Planning for your children college education
College Planning!

Every year you hear that college costs are raising more than inflation and that, 18 years from now, it will cost a lot more to send your child to public or private school. Your kid is almost two, and the cost of college is already on your mind. If you’re like most Americans with school-age children or grandchildren, you may be wondering how you can ever save enough money to send them to college.
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Contribution Limits Remain Unchanged in 2011

Employees saving for their retirement through Pre-Tax retirement benefits  are not getting any favors from the government this year. The contribution limits for the major employer-sponsored retirement plans:

403(b)s, 457(b)s and 401(k)s, not get an increase. That means like in 2010, the 2011 limit remains $16,500 for those under age 50.

Those who are age 50 and older get the benefit of a catch-up contribution of an additional $5,500.
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403(b) Tax Free Loan

Under certain conditions, it is possible to take a Tax free loan from your 403b plan.

  • Your 403b plan, or the tax-sheltered annuity, must provide for loans. That means your plan must be set up to allow for loans.
  • The maximum limit on all loans, at any time, cannot exceed $50,000. This means all loans from this employer cannot exceed $50,000.
  • Payments on the loan must be made monthly or quarterly (at a minimum). The loan   agreement may provide for a three-month grace period, and may also allow a participant to suspend payments during military service.

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403(b) Plan Withdrawals & Disbursements

The following information should help you navigate the new rules, got effective on January 1, 2009, that affect requests for disbursements, loans and withdrawals From your 403(b) plan(s).

HARDSHIP WITHDRAWALS – Your employer’s Plan Document will stipulate on whether or not hardship withdrawals are allowed. When they are allowed, the new IRS rules no longer allow self-certification for a hardship withdrawal.
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