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Employee Group Benefits

Employee Group Benefits flyerFR-Financial is a diversified full service employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm
dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized service and objective advice.

FR-Financial’s goal is not to meet expectations but to exceed them in ways our clients have never experienced before. We strive to develop innovative and creative solutions to meet the demands of an ever changing and increasingly complex environment around employee benefits.

What do great employees look for in a potential company? What percentage of your employees are hired through referrals? A great Employee Benefits Plan can affect whom you attract for new jobs and how long you retain those worthy employees.

At FR-Financial, we help you find a perfect fit for the size of your company. We work for companies with 3 or more employees

We Provide:
• Group medical / Vision / Dental / Life / Long Term Care /
• Group pension plans
• 401(k) - SIMPLE IRA - 403(b)(7) – IRA - Annuities - SEP-IRA
• Pre-Tax contributions to the plan will reduce your taxable income.
• There are no federal income taxes on contributions until withdrawn.
• Future distributions may be eligible for favorable tax treatment.
• Program participation builds added financial security.
• Contributions grow tax-deferred.

What makes us The Best?
• Background and years of experienceRepresent All Major Health Carriers in California
• "Firm's reputation with individual investors and retirement plans"
• Breadth of services (to address employees’ financial planning concerns)
• Local community presence
• Value: excellent service at a competitive cost
• 24-hour Small Group Proposal and Quote Turnaround
• Presentation Assistance with Multi-lingual Staff
• Large Group Consulting and Support Services
• Group Enrollment Assistance
• Underwriting Assistance
• New Products/Services
• Client & Claims Support
• 24/7 Telemedicine Program
• Free Internet Based HR Connect Software for Each Medical Group Sold
• Workers Compensation Fund with Guaranteed Issue

We represent the provider of the largest selection of employee benefit packages for large and small businesses.

Group Medical Carriers
Aetna,-- HMO/PPO/POS
Allied National,-- Limited Medical Benefits
Anthem Blue Cross-- HMO/PPO/POS/EPO
Ben-e-lect, -- H.D.H.P.
California Choice,-- HMO/PPO
Health Net, -- HMO/PPO/POS
Kaiser Permanente,-- HMO/PPO/POS
Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution,--- HMO
Sharp Health Plan,-- HMO
US Now,-- HMO
Western Health Advantage,-- HMO

Group Dental Carriers
Aetna,-- DHMO/PPO/Voluntary
AIG,-- DHMO/PPO/Voluntary
Anthem Blue Cross,-- DHMO/PPO/Voluntary
Assurant,-- HMO/PPO/IND/VOL
California Dental,-- DHMO/PPO/Indemnity
Delta Dental,-- FFS/PPO
Fort Dearborn,-- DHMO/PPO/Voluntary
Freedom Dental Plans,-- PPO/Voluntary
Health Net Dental,-- DHMO/PPO
Health Net Vision,--Vision
Magnum,-- PPO/Indemnity
Smile Saver,--DHMO
Transamerica,--- Indemnity

Supplemental Groups
AFLAC,-- Section 125 Voluntary
Allstate,-- Section 125 Voluntary
Colonial Life,-- Section 125 Voluntary
Eagle Vision,--Vision
Fort Dearborn,-- Life/LTD/STD
Spectera,-- Vision
VSP thru Morgan White Group,-- Vision

Ancillary Products
HR Connect
Telemedicine Products

Workers’ Compensation
Employers Insurance Group
State Fund

Individual Medical Carriers
Aetna,-- PPO
Anthem Blue Cross,-- HMO/PPO/Medicare
Blue Shield of CA,-- HMO/PPO/Medicare
Cigna,-- PPO
Health Net,-- HMO/PPO/Medicare
Health Net Farm Bureau,-- PPO
Safe Guard
Tele Medicine Products
Vision Plan of America

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Moti Gur is a Registered Representative with and securities offered through Financial Network Investment Corp and Cetera Adviser Networks LLC.
A registered broker/dealer, Investment advisor and member FINRA/ SIPC
3807 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1040 Los Angeles, CA 90010 213-385-6237


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