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Retirement Planning

The Importance of Retirement Planning Work during your retirement, should be because you choose to work, not because you have to work.
The quality of your life during your retirement years in the future depends on what you contribute in the present.

You likely want to retire happily and comfortably with personal and financial peace of mind. The last thing your retirement should be is stressful for you or your family. Therefore, it is important to prepare a retirement plan today.

Your Retirement Income
Work during your retirement, should be because you choose to work, not because you have to. Many retirees find themselves working because they have to work. Their retirement income simply is not enough. Inflation, rising costs of living, and taxes can all take away from retirement self-sufficiency. An aging population of baby boomers could require higher taxes to fund government programs. Increasingly expensive health care costs could cut deeply into retirement income. Include longer life expectancy. All that and you can see how outliving your retirement income is a very real possibility and concern.

The State of Retirement Income
There are three main sources of retirement income. Social Security, company pension plans, and your retirement investments. According to the Social Security Administration, Social Security will only provide approximately 40% of the income you'll need for a comfortable retirement. Some of you are not part of the Social Security.

STRS / PERS retirement income will only provide approximately 40% average of your last three years income.
Company pension plans are no longer the dependable retirement income they were once considered. Such plans are rare nowadays; those companies still offering pension plans often require its plan members to be an employee for a certain number of years. The uncertainty associated with Social Security and company pension plans means the responsibility of a comfortable retirement rests upon your shoulders:

It is highly recommend that you will plan your retirement together with your financial consultant to achieve your retirement goals.

Since we do not have the privilege to buy time. We must do the plan right the first time.

The information you need is:
Step 1: Determine (project) your retirement date, and objectives.
Step 2: Consider your financial situation both present and in the future.
Step 3: Begin developing a retirement plan based upon the information you gather.
Step 4: Implement the plan and continually monitoring to make sure you stay on track with your plan.
Step 5: Develop an estate plan.

You will need to take in account inflation, taxes, income other objectives.

For example: If you making $50,000.00 per year income and you plan to retire in 40 years from now. You will need $240,051.00 to be able to buy the same of what you can with $50,000.00 or you will pay $50,000.00 to get what you buy today can with $10,414.45 consider 4% inflation.

If you will need to supplement your income with $50,000.00 per year in 40 years. You will need $1,000,000.00 million with 5% interest to get this income; you will need to save $499.64 per month in a Pre-Tax plan like 403(b) or 401K getting 5% return

Or saving in after tax investment of $700.00 per month in an investment that generate you 6.9% interest after tax.


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